Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Update From Publisher

Yesterday, I received another e-mail from the publisher. He said the book can most easily be ordered by e-mailing them directly at:

If you'd like to order from the website:

From the opening page, click on "More?"

Next, on the Catalogue 2008 page click on "Gloucesters"

On the Gloucester page, scroll down three books.

Please keep in mind that the cost will be more than what's listed, due to different money denominations, as the website is out of the UK. If ordering directly from the website, or by e-mailing Pipers' Ash, the cost for US customers is $13.00. If ordering from a bookstore, the price may differ slightly. Bookstores may require the ISBN# 9781906928001.

Thanks for your interest!


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Cathy C. Hall said...

How exciting for you, Ruth! Think of all the folks you'll help with your story. Makes all the writing (and the living through it) worth it.