Saturday, October 3, 2009

Write What You Know

Isn't that what writers have always heard? Write about something you're already familiar with. Something you wouldn't have to do much research on because you know it so well. Well, that's what I did. My upcoming novel, "Flossophy of Grace" is about a dental hygienist who falls in love with her patient. Since I happen to be a hygienist, and have been for 25 years, I felt I knew a little about the subject.

Once I got into my story, the words just flowed. I even found myself looking for story details when I was cleaning a patent's teeth. I took mental snapshots of my dental operatory so I could incorporate them into the background of my story. I still had all of the usual roadblocks any other writer runs into namely, how the two main characters meet, what their conflicts are, and just how mean to make the antagonist. But the basic meat of the story, the everyday life of the heroine was fun for me. Because I was writing about me!

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