Use Your Gifts Wisely

I just finished reading a novel where the main character learns to use his God-given gift. In his case it was photography. I loved the book. It was interesting and a good read. But besides that, it got me to thinking. Am I using the gifts God has given me wisely? Or do I squander them and even take them for granted sometimes. I already know the answer to that question and I don't like it. Yes, I do take them for granted sometimes. Reading this book gave me a good swift kick right where I needed it. We are all given some kind of gift. It's unique to every person. First, you have to discover it. It's already there, at least the potential for it is inside you, waiting to emerge and blossom. Once you've identified what it is, allow it to grow. Use it for God. He'll show you exactly how to use it best and wisely.

I'm ready to use mine. Are you?