Friday, April 23, 2010

What If I Forget How?

That's the question I asked my husband today. That actual full question was "What if I forget how to write?" My computer has been comatose for a couple of weeks now. I'm typing this on the aforementioned husband's laptop. We're trying to figure out what ails it, but so far my PC has us stumped. In the meantime, I'm going crazy not being able to write. Sure, I could do it longhand, but I've found that for me, I'm better when I'm typing. My brain often works faster than I can write with a pen, and I don't want to lose momentum or the story idea in my head. And I can only use his laptop when he gets home from work, as he needs to use it there. At work. His company is kind of funny about an employee only pretending to type on their table top, instead of using an actual computer. Weird huh?

And I'll admit it, I'm a dunce. No...don't try to argue with me. I'm an actual dunce. You see, I haven't been backing up my stuff on a memory stick like I'm supposed to, so if we're not able to save what I've already written, I'm toast. My first three books are safe, I have a hard copy of them, but all of my short stories, as well as the 11,000 words I was into my newest romance novel, are well, really burnt toast.

Back to my original question. What if I really do forget how to write?

My husband assured me my imagination is too vivid, and my strange sense of humor so warped, he has no doubt I'll remember how.


I, Star Woman said...

Ruth, No chance you'll forget, not after three books and 11,000 words into the next one. It's like the proverbial bike. I do sympathize with the loss of access to your computer, though. I would be crazy by now. Good luck, and I hope your computer just has a cold, and not a virus.

Ruth J. Hartman said...

Thank you! Yes, I'm hoping it's just a case of the PC sniffles :)