Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Searching for Hummy

Our resident hummingbird, or "Hummy" as we've named him, hasn't made an appearance yet. I've had two feeders out for over a month. I've changed the water mixture at least four times. Where is he? We keep watch. Staring out our windows. At times, we thought we'd had a Hummy sighting.

"Was that him? Something just zipped by the window," said my husband.

 I watched for a minute and saw the impostor. "Nope, just an angry dragon fly."

Two days ago, I went out and bought a red geranium to replace to purple one, hoping to further entice our no-show friend. I also invested in a brand new hummingbird feeder. What does this bird want, food served on a tiny silver platter the size of a nickel?

That's what happens with my writing sometimes. I do everything right. I work on my story when I have a couple of hours. I work on it when I only have a few minutes. I change my scenery, like maybe taking a walk, hoping that will stir up something in my imagination. But sometimes, that's not enough. Oh, I can still write, but it may not be the heart-stirring, funny-bone tickling, sigh-provoking words I'm looking for.

Maybe it's just like looking for Hummy. We can do all the work, all the right things, and yet, nothing happens when we want it to. As far as hummingbirds and writing inspiration go, sometimes, all we can do is...wait.

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