Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Guest Post by Michele Paiva

There is nothing more romantic than truly loving yourself. Though I am not a romance writer, I am someone who helps people find the love within themselves. Statistically over 70% of the people reading this are either overweight or suffer from Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, insomnia or more. None of this, nor blood pressure or cholesterol nor hormonal issues, should you feel you need to put up with. Some people will need to tend to this medically forever, but starting on a safe, easy program, may in fact, eliminate the need to suffer and, medicate. Losing weight, decreasing stress and empowering oneself to a life of living to the highest quality possible are the goals that I have for readers.

My site is set up so that I offer incentives to purchase the book as well as complimentary items like easy download shopping lists, a forum, and more.

But for right now, let's be timely. Let's discuss the BP oil leak. As of this morning the news said it has reached Gulf states. It amazes me that the H1N1 struck more fear in people than this spill, where this spill is not something you get "over" in a few days nor can get a vaccine to protect you from. It's a mix of chemicals that are both cancer causing as well as corrosive. What can you do? The first and foremost is avoid areas with the spill. But the spill and leak will soon disperse and be just as toxic but harder to see and avoid.

The second and most powerful thing you can do for yourself and loved ones, is to be as healthy as possible. The less toxins you have in you the less you will reach that "overload" that causes you to feel badly.

Following a plan of stress reduction, eating well, being as fit as you can within your limits if you have such, and coping skills with physical and psychological stress are the key ingredients to achieving wellness.

Five things to do to love yourself into health:

1. Drink more water. Water is needed for life, and it helps to flush out toxins.

2. Eat more oats. If you can, eat oats daily. High in fiber and protein and helps you digest and cleanse your system.

3. Create a new attitude. Every day try to find one more thing to be happy or thankful about. See the silver lining in black clouds. Laugh more. A little character change goes a long way in how you cope with physical issues that may crop up or, little stressors that come into all of our lives.

4. Play eclectic music. If you are reading a victorian romance, why not spend the week enjoying victorian music? How about a romance set in Ireland? Play that music as well! Transport yourself and ignite many areas of your body, mind and spirit. It is both stimulating and stress reducing.

5. Lastly, eat less processed food. More vegetables, more fruit... not from packages but fresh. Even if you live alone, learn to treat yourself like a queen and eat in luxury! Food is a luxury we take for granted and it is delicious and fuels us. Embrace it!

Do visit www.loseyourfinattitude.com and keep reading romance and ...start with loving yourself!

Michele Paiva

Wellness Expert and Guest Blogger :)

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