Friday, August 13, 2010

Left-Handers Unite!

Today is International Lefthanders Day. I'm a proud member of this unique club. Out of my family (four siblings and our parents) my mom, one brother and I are lefties. From what I've read, this is unusual. Statistics show anywhere from ten to fifteen percent of the entire population are left-handed. We've got that covered and then some!

Along with being a southpaw, I'm also left-footed and left-eyed. I know, sounds weird, huh? I discovered the foot thing when we'd play kickball as little kids. I'd try to kick the red rubber ball with my right foot but it just felt wrong. Something didn't click. And as for my eye, when I went to have laser correction surgery done, I decided to go with mono-vision (one eye sees far, one sees near). The tests they did on me showed my left eye to be dominant. I wasn't surprised, I knew I was a lefty through and through.

Sometimes, I even end up typing with just my left hand. It's a slow process, but what's a girl to do when the cat on her lap has claimed her right hand for a pillow?

So for all the southpaws out there, enjoy your special day!


Maddie James said...

Hi Ruth! My dad and my daughter are the two lefties in my family. But get this--all three of my daughter's children are left-handed. Isn't that interesting?

Totally understand the left-handed typing thing and all...

Ruth J. Hartman said...


That is interesting about your grandchildren.

And yes, I can imagine you type with a cat on your lap quite often :)