Friday, September 10, 2010

The Dating Lives of Dentists

Hi, Trixie here:

Okay, I told you that my new dentist Graham Keebler was gorgeous, right? Well guess what? He just called me and asked me out!! I can hardly believe it! He has to go to a family member's wedding and he needs a date. And he chose me! Now that I've calmed down a little...(well, I know it doesn't seem like I'm calm, but you should have seen me an hour ago) I need to focus on the really important question. The question every woman asks herself when she's getting ready to go on a date with her potential Prince Charming. No, the question isn't "What will we talk about on the date", or "Will I make an imbecile out of myself on front of him" or even "Will he kiss me?", although that would be VERY nice!! No, the all important question on every woman's lips is..."What am I going to WEAR!!!" I'm experiencing a fashion emergency here. Help!!!

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