Saturday, September 25, 2010

Trixie Trident is Back!

Okay, Trixie here again.

I know I've been away for a while. This book blog tour has taken most of my time. It's wearing me out stealing teeth at night and making dental floss jewelry and doing the blog tour during the day. My cats keep reminding me that I should nap with them. The only problem with that is, they nap 20 hours a day. Who has time for that?

Let's see, where did I leave off last time? Oh yeah, my date with Dr. Graham Keebler. Sigh. He's so wonderful! Although we did have some fashion difficulties. Okay, we didn't. It was just me. I learned a valuable lesson on that date. If your date drives a pickup truck that requires its passengers to lift their foot very high to climb in...don't wear a pencil skirt!! I won't go into details here since it's in my story, "Pillow Talk", but let's just say, it ended with Graham getting a black eye, both of us lying on the ground, and me being carried around like a sack of potatoes. Enough said.

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