Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Kindle of Kittens

Between the holidays and a family member's illness, I haven't posted much lately. But, hopefully that is changing. We've all been busy with holiday gatherings, parties, and get-togethers. They're wonderful! But also, somewhat tiring and time-consuming. Too bad we can't spread them out during the whole year instead of lumped together in December.

That being said, I'm back to posting. (Obviously :)).

My husband was thoughtful enough to get me a Kindle for Christmas. He knows how much I like to read, and how quickly I can go through a book. I can buy an armload of paperbacks, and be through with them in no time. That's what my sister and I refer to as a book emergency - when you're through with your stack of books, and haven't had time to go out and buy more. Then what are you supposed to read? The back of a cereal box? Believe me, they're not that exciting. I've given it a try.

So my Kindle arrived two days ago. The set-up took longer than I expected, only because I couldn't find the password to our network. We'd changed it to something simple so we could remember it. But, of course, we couldn't. Remember it, that is...

Once that was settled, it was a breeze. Books downloaded in a flash. It still amazes me that thousands of books can fit in that thin, teeny tiny apparatus. And it looks especially fetching in its hot pink cover. I wondered if that would keep my husband from borrowing it. But so far, he still seems interested. That's okay. I don't mind sharing. :)

I found something out, though, when I was researching the Kindle. Did you know that the word "Kindle" also means a group of kittens? I was shocked. Not so much that miniature cats and an e-reader share the same name, but more because since I'm such a cat fanatic, I'd never known that before! How could that bit of feline trivia escaped me for all these years?

I also learned that the names for a group of adult cats are: clowder or cluster. Oh, and a large group of cats is a clan.

Okay, probably more information about cats than you ever wanted to know. So, I'll go back and spend some more time with my Kindle. (The e-reader, not the kittens.)


Mysti said...

I'm a kitty fan too. I've had my fair share of felines and I collect glass/ceramic kitties too.

I currently have one rather unintelligent, but super sweet kitty named Poncho. I can't imagine life without a cat (until he pukes and I want to kill him, but that's another story).

I think it's great that you write what you know (dental themes and cats). My stories tend to include mothers and children and biological themes, since I'm a biologist and a mom.

Ruth J. Hartman said...

You're a biologist? Now that sounds interesting. I love learning new things by reading about characters with different occupations. :)