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Five Rose Review for "Purrfect Voyage"

Five Rose Review by Sizzling Hot Books

Kitty Carter writes children’s books based on her cat, Arthur. She is at the marina doing research for a book when he takes off chasing a mouse. Trying to catch him leads her to a yacht where she falls down the stairs and is knocked unconscious. She doesn’t wake until the boat is already out to sea and on its way to Hawaii. While she always has wanted to and never been able to afford to go to Hawaii, she has a writing deadline to meet. Her mean (in many ways) publisher will not understand her missing her deadline nor being unable to contact him.

Arthur ‘George’ Katz owns a small construction company. He works long and hard, but is still barely making it. He wants to be successful, rich really. Like his childhood friend John. John has it all: a great career, a loving wife and family, a thriving medical practice, lots of money, and even this yacht. John has moved to Hawaii and has asked him to bring the yacht over during his vacation since he loves spending time on the yacht and fishing. The last thing he expects to find is a stowaway. Even if she is attractive, funny, and making this the best trip he has even taken. But he has a problem with cats ever since a childhood “incident.” He does have to admit that Arthur is changing his mind about that,
Kitty and ‘George’ have a great trip. They mostly get along. They are even attracted to each other, but don’t know each other well enough to know what to do about that. There are two big problems, though. Kitty has some trust issues. Her fiancé left her at the alter, literally, and ran off with her best friend. George is obsessed with making money. So when this trip is over, where will that leave them? They have come to care for each other, but can they find a way to be together? Or will they be stuck in the same old routines?

Purrfect Voyage might get a few complaints about two things: just how clumsy Kitty is and some of Arthur the cat’s mannerisms. I, however, have nothing to grip about here over either of these. While I have not given myself but one concussion, I use to be almost as clumsy as Kitty is here. And as for Arthur, my mother has had cats like this more than once over the years. So while these antics may just be for humor in the story, I have lived them when I was younger (at my mother’s house).

Purrfect Voyage is one thing that is harder to find right now: a completely clean romance. (I am not giving anything away, this was listed next to the blurb online, so those looking to buy would find this out anyway.) These are two adults with dating experience (never says if Kitty slept with her ex-fiancé or not), but the most that happens is some kissing. Even after two weeks alone together on a yacht at sea! Wow, I am impressed. While this maybe hard to believe for some, it would be weird to jump into bed with a complete stranger no matter how many fantasy stories are written that way. Can be fun to read, but not to do in real life. It is nice to see an author to stick to her ‘guns’ on this.
As for Purrfect Voyage itself, I haven’t laughed this much in months! On, my goodness, Ruth had me laughing enough I had to read part of the story to my husband just so he would know I was okay and not loosing my mind. I don’t want to go into too much detail so as not to give away any of the funny parts but there are some great scenes here.
I am recommending Purrfect Voyage for everyone. Even if you don’t go for clean reads, this is too funny to miss and will brighten you day. While it takes George a little bit to get the bigger picture, Kitty toughens it out, stands up for herself. As a cat lover myself, of course I loved Arthur and am sure you will as well.

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