Saturday, March 12, 2011

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Teresa Mckinney-Jones

Review of Flossophy of Grace

I’ve never known anyone who goes to the dentist office and has a good time, at least not till I met Grace Hart and Bruce Gardener. Ruth J. Hartman, the author of Flossophy of Grace shows us that we can find love even in the most painful place.

Grace Hart is a dental hygienist who has love for her six cats but really dreams of loving a man. She doesn’t see much hope in that until Bruce Gardener comes into her office for a cleaning. As the story goes on the reader learns Bruce has come to Grace’s office for more than just dental work. He’s there for Grace’s heart. He loves Grace enough to go through all kinds of torture just to be able to see her.

Grace Hart doesn’t believe that a good looking man like Bruce could love someone like her due to she isn’t the beauty most men are looking for. It doesn’t take Grace long to realize Bruce finds her beautiful and is serious about loving her. He even loves her cats.

These two love birds have to find creative ways to see each other since Grace’s mean boss has restricted her from seeing Bruce due to he’s a patient. This brings a lot of humorous scenes to the story.

Ms. Hartman keeps Flossophy of Grace flowing with a quick wittiness that made me laugh out loud several times. I love the fact that she took average people and showed that it’s possible to find love.

You might feel pain after coming out of your dentist office, but I guarantee you after reading Flossophy of Grace the only thing you are going to feel is joy and love.

Review by Teresa Jones



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