Thursday, September 29, 2011

Be Thankful

This has been a rough couple of months for my family. Two siblings have had severe back problems, one has eye problems, and I'm recovering from a detached retina. It gets to the point where you almost don't want to answer the phone. Might be more bad news. But...even though I've been a little down the last few weeks, trying to deal with limited vision in one eye, I keep reminding myself it could always be worse.


Yes, what I'm dealing with is serious and scary, but there are so many positives. The surgeon who did my procedure is one of the best in my state. He was on the faculty at IU. This guy knows his stuff. If I have to have a problem like this, at least I'm being treated by the best. And he said the surgery went well. Thank goodness.

Yes, I'm off work from my dental hygiene job for a while. But my husband has a great job that he loves, and we're doing okay. And, once I was able to get up from lying on the couch for ten days on my right side, I've had more time for my writing. Take right now, for instance. Instead of working on one of my manuscripts, I'd be wrist deep in someone's mouth, cleaning off goo and well, more goo. So, it ain't all bad! I do miss work, and am planning on going back soon, but until then, I'm trying to use the time the best that I can. Not to mention it's absolutely gorgeous outside. If I were at work, I'd vaguely notice the sun shining outside, sigh that I wasn't out in it, and plunge right back in to someone else's mouth.

It can always be worse. Always.

Stay thankful.


Jennifer Johnson said...

We do have a lot to be thankful for-showers of blessings. It's good when you can 'see' the good because of a problem-eye or otherwise.

Ruth J. Hartman said...

You're right, Jennifer. Sometimes we have to stop complaining about what we don't have and be grateful for what we do!!

Not always easy, but God tells us not to worry. He's got this!