Friday, February 15, 2013

Rescued by a Duke!

Sasha Douglas has hit rock bottom. Literally. Left all alone after her brother's murder, she thought things couldn't possibly get worse. Until she finds herself trapped, injured, and frightened with no of escape after falling into an abandoned well.

Garrett Rothchild Cantlebury, the 5th Duke of Ravensworth, is shocked to discover a woman trapped in his abandoned well. The place that holds reminders of horrible loss for him. Determined to save the poor girl, he pushes those thoughts aside, refusing to dwell on them. But the rescued damsel in distress ends up making him face a darker truth. One that threatens both their futures.

Can Sasha and Garrett put family tragedy behind them and find love together?

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Grace Elliot said...

Hi Ruth,
We truly are kindred spirits! You kindly left a comment on my blog and curiosity led me here. I LOVE your kitty covers - perhaps between the two of us we could dominate the world with kitten cuteness!
Grace x