Wednesday, October 29, 2014

New Ebook Box Sets From EsKape Press!

Coming November 1st - two new box sets from EsKape Press!!

I'm fortunate enough to have a book in each set! Below are short descriptions of each story.

"Romancing the Dustman's Daughter"

Augustus Sinclair’s betrothed has dropped him for his best friend. When he meets Anne Balfour, though, he questions whether he’d ever really been in love with his fiancĂ©. Some of Anne’s reactions to what he considers everyday activities are puzzling, but that doesn’t stop him from falling head over heels for the first time in his life.


Anne Balfour is amazed to be a guest at the Shrewsbury’s, one of Mayfair’s most well-to-do families — even though her father’s dishonest intentions are the reason. Can Anne find love with Augustus or will she be revealed as the dustman’s daughter?


"Love Birds of Regent's Park"

Lucy Ashbrook discovers that birds aren’t the only pleasing things at the Regent’s Park Bird Sanctuary. A certain Sanctuary worker, Oliver Barrow, has stolen her heart. Lucy’s father, however, won’t hear of his daughter marrying a common laborer. Besides, Oliver has a secret that just might get in the way of anything more than friendship developing between them. Can they find a way to be together in spite of the many obstacles?


kaisquared said...

Thanks for being part of both sets!

Ruth J. Hartman said...

kaisquared, send me an email at to claim your free ebook!