Monday, October 26, 2009

Walk With Me

Are the scenes in your novel a little flat? Remember to use the five senses to make your story sound more authentic. Today I took a walk on our country road. The bright blue of the sky, the red, yellow, orange and green of the leaves all had me looking up for most of my walk. Thankfully, though I'm a klutz, I didn't run into anything. Added to the colorful scenery were the sounds of the birds. Blue Jays, Sparrows, Carolina Wrens and Yellow Finches serenaded me for the thirty minutes I walked beneath them. I felt honored.

When I left my house for my walk, my mind was not focused on writing. I needed to run to the grocery, do five loads of laundry, fix supper for me and my husband. But once I saw those colors, once my ears perked up to the chatter of the birds, I felt a calm come over me. It was as if God was telling me to slow down my thoughts. The more I walked, the more I could concentrate on what I've been writing.

The next time you need inspiration, or calm, or both, take a walk. No matter what the season, there's always something new to see and hear.

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Lisa said...

I love this! Nature has a way of saying, "Be still and listen"... I enjoyed reading your thoughts, so colorfully written.