OCD - Move Out of the Way!

I need to write. My newest novel is calling me. Several story lines are waiting impatiently in my head for attention. But I can't focus! My OCD is getting in the way. My desk is too cluttered. I've got 73 things on my mind at once. There's laundry to do, sympathy cards to send, groceries to buy. How can I think about writing with all that clamoring for my undivided attention? The answer: I can't. But, once my to-do list is complete, I'm all over it. My novel won't know what hit it.

It's a hard lesson for me to learn. It may not be the same for everyone, especially non-OCD sufferers, but I've discovered I can't sit down to really concentrate on my novel until everything else is done. It's not how I'd like it to be. It just is. So, after the grocery, laundry, correspondence, and desk un-cluttering are complete, then, ahhhh...finally time to write!