Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Love, Honor and Lend a Hand

Throughout today, I've witnessed several wonderful gestures of love people have shown to others. While visiting a family member in a rehab facility, a little girl came into the room and handed him a package. Inside were pieces of candy, some cookies, and some homemade ornaments. We all wondered what organization she was with. When he read the card, it was only signed by the little girl's name. She had done it all on her own!

My husband, upon entering the rehab building, was approached by a couple who asked if he could help them move two recliners into their parents' room. He told me he was so glad he happened to be walking in at that moment. It made him feel good to be able to do that for them. In a rehab center, there normally wouldn't be that many people around who would be healthy/strong enough to lend a hand.

Some online friends have paid for meals for servicemen and have given generous tips to waiters and waitresses. And one friend even did a video explaining why he decorates extensively for Christmas every year and why he would like a special tattoo on his arm. It's all to honor his father with whom he had a very special relationship.

It made me realize just how much our gestures can mean to someone else. Whether we physically help another out, or honor them with a gesture. God has given us all gifts and abilities to use and share as we choose. What can you do to honor someone today?

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