Wednesday, June 2, 2010

An Unexpected Yay!

After receiving some of my short stories back from various kind publishers to whom I had submitted after the horrendous computer crash, I turned around and sent one of them out again. I did it mostly to prod myself back into the wide, wonderful world of publishers. Lately, I've been writing romance novels, which, of course, take longer to write. This means I'm still submitting to publishers, only not nearly as often. I didn't want to forget how! Of course, I hoped they'd like my story, (I mean, as a writer, why wouldn't you want that?) but wasn't sure if they'd accept it for publication.

I sent my story, "(I'd like) to Kill a Mockingbird" to a wonderful new publisher, Deep South Magazine. I'd learned of them through a fantastic newsletter I subscribe to called, Funds For Writers. Within a couple of days, I heard back. In the affirmative! Yay!  (You knew that yay would show itself eventually, didn't you?) So I'm pleased to say my short story should be out sometime this month. I'll post the link when it's official. Yay! Sorry...that one sort of slipped out :)


irishoma said...

Yay, Ruth! I'm so happy for you.

Ruth J. Hartman said...

Thank you, Donna :)