Five Star Review for Pillow Talk!

Review of Pillow Talk by Toni Sweeney

Trixie Trident is the owner of a small jewelry-making business but she has a deep dark secret. At night, she dresses in black, steals into sleeping children’s room, and… Takes away their fallen-out teeth and leaves them money instead. That’s right. Trixie Trident is a tooth fairy! (With a name like that, what else could she be?) Tooth fairies aren’t made, they’re born, and there are many of them, of which Trixie is only one, but she’s a good one—if a trifle klutzy—and she loves her work and the kids. There’s one little boy who gives her problems, however—Timmy Westfeller, who has lost so many teeth, Trixie wonders if the child has any left. Not only that, but Timmy has managed to wake up twice during her visits, and he’s not only seen but talked to Trixie, though of course, no adult believes him… Yet.

Trixie’s real problems start when she bites into a French fry with a bit of gravel inside and breaks a tooth. The tooth fairy ends up at a dentist’s, and not just any dentist but heart-breakingly handsome Graham Keebler—and who couldn’t love a dentist named after two cookies? It isn’t long before tooth fairy and tooth doctor are feeling a mutual attraction having nothing to do with teeth. Of course, Korkie, Graham’s dental assistant, who seems to think she has first dibs on the toothsome oral physician and isn’t afraid to let Trixie know…but she’s soon to be the least of Trixie’s problems.

When Graham buys a piece of Trixie’s jewelry for his sister, her small business blossoms. Sister Anna wants to give a jewelry party, with Trixie’s wares on display, and while they are there, she and her mother disclose a few secrets about Graham and how he feels. They also fix Korkie’s little red wagon and that further enhances the assistant’s desire to get her rival out of the picture. A short time later, Graham asks Trixie to be his date to his cousin’s wedding. Trixie is overjoyed, and she and Graham have a great time, in spite of a minor problem concerning her climbing into his monster truck resulting in his sporting a black eye at the reception. And then, Graham introduces Trixie to his nephew and her world comes crashing down. It’s Timmy, and the first thing the little boy blurts out is, “It’s the tooth fairy!”

All the adults laugh off the child’s accusation as an overactive imagination…all except Graham, that is. Now Trixie knows she can’t see her handsome dentist any more, because she has to keep her secret just that. But she’s also come to realize he’s the one, the man she wants to spend her life with—when she isn’t collecting teeth—and she’s certain he feels the same way about her.

What’s a tooth fairy to do? Trixie knows, but is she strong enough to do it?

MY OPINION: I laughed out loud while reading this book, and believe me, I rarely do that. This story is a novella, but it’s a whimsical delight. A klutzy tooth fairy who loves cats and kids, and has problems with her overweight supervisor as well as her dentist’s jealous assistant, and a somewhat shy dentist who loves cats and kids and has eyes only for a certain patient. All the characters are so well-defined in the short space allowed you’ll find them easy to love…or hate. It’s cute, it’s sweet, it’s a fairy tale for adults. If you want a Happily Ever After that’ll make you smile, as well as have a few loud chuckles along the way, this is the story for you!


This sounds like an awesome read! It's definitely going on my list.
Janice said…
It's sound like a great read. I love humor.

Ruth J. Hartman said…
Thank you Janice! I hope you'll like it :)