Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What's Bad for the Teeth is Good for the Books

As most of the Midwest knows, we are covered in ice. Literally. Tomorrow for the third day in a row, my boss is unable to open his dental office. So, a whole lot of people with a whole lot of teeth won't be getting them cleaned this week. Their teeth will just have to keep wearing their fuzzy sweaters until I can get back in there.

But...the upside is, I'll be putting that time to good use here at home. My current work in progress, "Grin and Barrett" is about two dentists who compete for all the new patients in their small town, but end up falling in love anyway.

Yes, I realize that the majority of my romance novels have to do with dentistry. Hmmm. Wonder why that is? Maybe, write what you know? Well, I'm very well acquainted with teeth and how to de-gunk them. So I guess it's not a stretch for me to write about dentists, hygienists and tooth fairies, right?

So, to all of my patients who are missing their de-gunking appointments this week, I'm sorry. We'll get you in for an appointment. I promise. But just know, I'll be plugging away at my story about the dentists while you wait. So, at least in a virtual world, I'm still doing dentistry, right?

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