Sunday, January 17, 2010

Breaking News!

I had a writing breakthrough last night! Yes, the Colts were playing, and yes, they won. But I had a writing breakthrough last night! To all of the football fans, I'm sure this is hard to understand. Unless you're also a writer. I've been trying to figure out how to resolve a problem between my two main characters. Last night while typing away, it hit me. Not literally, I  mean, that would sting. But you know what I mean...the epiphany hit me, square in the noggin.

I was so excited, I blocked out the football game my husband was watching. And that's really something when you consider, the flat screen TV is mounted right above my computer, two feet above my head. There's nothing quite like reaching the writing pinnacle in a story where you know you're almost there. So close to being done. I'm thinking the football fans/writers will get what I mean.

Now I have to finish up the final small details on this romance novel before I begin the next one that's slapping me in the noggin. is good!

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