Friday, January 22, 2010

Switching Writing Gears

I finished my latest romance novel about a tooth fairy falling in love with her dentist. Sent it to a publisher. The waiting part is hard, but to use my time wisely, I've started writing a new romance novel. I'm over 4,000 words in. This one is about a chance meeting on a small yacht. The man and the woman's cat have the same name. So far, writing about the confusion that ensues has been fun. But I find myself sliding back into my last story. Sometimes my characters' names, situations and personality quirks run together in my mind. But that just makes me work all the harder on the present story, and it doesn't make it any less enjoyable to write, that's for sure!

Writers, have any of you ever had similar problems? I'd enjoy hearing your comments.


Writers Shelf Life said...

I have trouble not starting my next story before the current one is completed! I write a lot of short stories although I am currently working on and blogging about writing a novel. Even on shorts as short as 750 words I will get an idea and off I go! It certainly takes a lot of discipline and telling oneself no.

Ruth J. Hartman said...

I agree! It's hard not to give in to all the different ideas swirling around in our heads :)